Web design

A quality web design can have a huge impact of brand perception. Similarly the idea office location is convenient, accessible and presents a good image, that create the best impression on clients visiting your office.


Step-by-step ideas for planning a new web design:

  • Identify e-commerce strategy.
  • Structure web navigation and content.
  • Design web interface.
  • E-marketing, SEO - Google’s search engine optimization.
  • Intergrate web application.


Hai Nhan will delivery a creative web which is specifically designed to accommodate trademark and brand name, is a key factor that we pursue. We build a unique result and make your business stand out.


During the project design stage, Hai Nhan CMS software will be applied to manage the infomation that is effective method to update data on web page. This situation has decreased the concerns of building and managing web.The advantages of source CMS based on Microsoft .NET include:

  • Support to create and update website.
  • Support to find and manage information.
  • Speed up website by Web-Caching technology (web cache).
  • Friendly URL.

We can make sure a high quality website will improve to your business by regular interaction with your customers/partners even though your e-commerce is not available now.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further information.